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Flamenco is (first of all an art) a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps). First mentioned in literature in 1774, the genre grew out of Andalusian and Romani music and dance styles.Flamenco is often associated with the Romani people of Spain (Gitanos) and a number of famous flamenco artists are of this ethnicity. While flamenco originally crystalized among gypsies in the 18th century, some authors believe that modern flamenco mostly emerged out of late nineteenth-century romanticism. 

In recent years flamenco has become popular all over the world and is taught in many countries: in Japan there are more academies than there are in Spain. On November 16, 2010 UNESCO declared flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

'''EL SOL, LA SAL, EL SON' is a flamenco program of Canal Sur. For this first program some great artists will be there: Miguel Poveda, Dorantes, El Lebrijano, Carmen Linares, Arcángel, Diego Carrasco, Pastora Galván, Pansequito, El Cigala and Rocío Molina among others. A sincere bet for the flamenco, one of the biggest cultures of the world. A commitment of support to the candidacy of the autonomous government of Andalusia in order to give the flamenco the recognition it deserves, a part of the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. The flamenco is and should be a part of the Cultlural Heritage because it contributes to art, to culture and expresses the soul feelings of the humanity. It's a firm intention to bring flamenco to everybody, but without resigning about the quality, the purity and the depth.A program presented by Francisco Rivera, offering professional and expert contents. Universal Andalusian and Spanish artists will be present to talk about flamenco and giving support to its cancidacy.The Teatro Quintero is the prefect place for this kind of program.'' -

Here are the flamenco masters you'll see in the show (in a random order): Rocio Molina, la Tremedita, Graviela Ortega, Miguel Poveda, Diego Carrasco, familia Paquera de Jerez, Antonio el Pipa, Tia Juana la del Pipa, Moraito Chico, luis de la Tota , Carrasco Family, David Palomar, el Pele, el Lin, el Nani, el Pollo, Maria Toledo, India Martinez, Rancapino, Capullo de Jerez, Farruco, Farruquito, Pitingo, Jose de la Merce, Arcangel. la Lole, Argentina,Pepe Roca, Pantoja, Carmen Ledesma, Pastora Galvan, Juaquin Cortes,el Lebrijano, Alba Molina, Nabajita Platea, el Cigala, Rocio Marquez, la Macanita, Cesar Calvajar, Diego Pantoja, Pansequito, Canelita, Remedios Amaya, Diana Navarro, Sandra Carrrasco, Guillermo Cano, Agujetas, Niña Pastori, la Negra, chirigota los emteaos, Juan Diaz, Carlos Cano, Dolores Pradera, Fernanda de Utrera, Camaron, Paco Toronjo, Rocio Jurado, Enrique Morente, los Maya, Antonio Ortiz, Guaquin Grilo, Junior, Banda las Cigarreras.,Perrate,RocioMarquez,Falete,Capul­lo, la Negra,Lole, Alba Molina, Tortas,Pele,Remedios Amaya,Poveda,C.Linares, Pansequito,Diana Navarro,Sandra Carrasco, Guillermo Cano,Argentina,Niña Pastori,Agujetas,Grabiela Ortega, Paco Gandia, Cesar Cadaval,Diego Pantoja Chirigota los Enteraos, Beni de Cadiz,Chiquito, Carlos Cano, Mª Dolores Pradera,Maria Vidal,Fernanda de Utrera,Camaron,Paco Toronjo,Rocio Jurado,Erique Morente,Farruquito and more

Below you'll find a few of my very personal favourite moments, and at the bottom the full show in 2 parts. Enjoy and have a good night! ¡Olé!

Full Show

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