Tuesday, 12 November 2013


When it comes to designing a superyacht, the golden rule is that almost anything is possible. Whether you want a basketball court on the deck, a cocktail bar, a submarine or car in your tender garage, a swimming pool that converts to a dance floor, a garden or even a sumptuous cinema room, there are no limits. In this industry, the combination of generous budgets and owners who constantly demand more means it is on the water that you're most likely to find the most innovative designs. And while most yachts are a pleasure to be aboard, there are some that transcend all expectations, making their mark on the industry and causing the jaws of even the most discerning millionaires to drop, with stunning designs or breathtaking on-board features earning these vessels a place in superyacht history. Click through the slides, below, for our guide to the top 10 ultimate yachts. - superyachtworld.com


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