Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Growing up in Johnson City, Tennessee, Messrs Jef and Justice Joslin always knew that there was something else out there for them. So, in late 2011, with one brother fixed on a career in music and the NFL beckoning for the other, they packed their belongings into a Toyota SUV and drove 35 hours cross-country to find their own version of the California dream. 

"Growing up, that West Coast thing had always been an allure to me," explains Jef, the older of the two brothers at 27. "I'd always loved the Beach Boys. That rich, melodic sound - it seemed like the soundtrack to a lifestyle that I aspired to. I was just drawn to it." It was a job at a branch of Guitar Center in Atlanta, Georgia that gave the musician the opportunity he needed. "I just found a branch in LA near where I wanted to live, and hit up my manager for a transfer. Easy as that," he laughs. "Justice was trying out for NFL combines at the time, and I was like, "Dude, just come out with me.'" 

Nearly two years later, Jef's music career is gathering pace, and Justice has shifted his focus from football and is making his way as an actor and model. Other than that, though, it seems little has changed. "When we first arrived, we'd sleep on the floor and eat black beans and rice. But we had surfboards," says the younger brother. "And we're still pretty easy to please now," adds Jef. "Having the beach out the back door is all you really need. You can always go to the water and watch the sunset, and it doesn't cost a thing." 

MR PORTER caught up with the brothers on a typical day in LA. Follow the story, below!


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