Monday, 14 October 2013


FOAIE VERDE is a live performance that brings together on stage authentic folklore artists, spoken word musicians and contemporary dancers in a ritual atmosphere of spirituality-evoking multimedia. 

The main aim of the performance is to promote undiluted folklore and the authentic performers of doina, a musical form that belongs to UNESCO heritage and was made popular internationally in the 1900s, when Béla Bartók found it in Transilvania (ro spelling). There are very few people left that have learned from their elders to perform the original doina, so we raise awareness to keep this ancient tradition alive. thinking about doina as the spiritual matrix of the Romanian soul. The concept was to combine this genre in both its traditional and contemporary forms, in order to emphasize their common grounds. 

TATAIA is a cultural magazine that captures on an x-ray the current state of grass-roots culture. Alongside the printed magazine, TATAIA is a producer of innovative, trans-disciplinary projects. 

Cultural project funded by the administration of the national cultural fund.

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