Monday, 28 October 2013


With endless recommendations and enticing bestseller lists, choosing what we want to read can become a dizzying task. Mr Philip Blackwell, founder of Ultimate Library, understands this all too well. A man who has since 2007 supplied the world's hotels, resorts and private residences - from The Savoy in London to Amandari resort in Bali - with bespoke book libraries, he is well versed in the need to create essential reading lists. With this in mind, we tasked him to come up with the 10 books every man should read. Although it's hard for a list of 10 tomes to be comprehensive, Mr Blackwell's covers everything from psychology and Shakespeare to booze and Boyd. "Here are my top 10 titles for every man's library, to read at leisure or in those small interludes before nodding off at night," he says.

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