Saturday, 17 August 2013


Romance is back!

Metro St James café in Sydney, Australia has a romantic marketing proposition: For the entire month of June, your coffee is free if you kiss the person you came with. 

What kind of kiss? Apparently, air-kissing won’t suffice here. “It has to be a real kiss…a true kiss. I can see if it is a fake kiss. I am kind of a specialist,” one French waiter at the three-month old Metro St James teases a middle-aged couple in the video shown here. 

Apparently the food’s not bad, either. According to Time Out Sydney, which gave the Hyde Park bistro a four-star rating, “if you only eat one thing here, make it the chocolate and berry pudding. It’s a sort of French take on bread and butter pudding, made from pressed croissants all bound with chilled crème anglaise.” 

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