Monday, 5 August 2013


JR is an undercover photographer and street artist who is best known for his massive cheerful faces pasted in urban environments. 4 yeears ago he started working in favelas in Brazil and slums in Kenya. His work is intended to raise awareness of people living in horrendous poverty and danger, and also to provide hope and unity to those people. The scale of the Kenya project is incredible – with 2000 square metres of roof covered in photos of eyes and faces that are water resistant and so will provide protection to the houses below during the rainy season.

Few days ago, JR posted this on his Instagram account: ''Just received this areal view from Kenya today! My team just finished installing 4000 meter square of images printed on vinyl to protect the roof of the community against the rain. This is not part of the art project Women Are Heroes we did 4 years ago and that is still visible on this image. Since 4 years we go back every year and that's what you can see on this images.. the difference of black and white is due to how long they have been put up :) This is done with no autorisation except the one of the community and with no other financing than what we raise via my artworks... Congrats to @etienne @dabouski @takao5020 @seanheart for helping the 40 men on the ground who put it up for their neighberhood. As one women ago in Kibera " Art can be useful" :) #kenya #visiblefromgoogleearth.''

Congrats JR & the team! Follow his work on Instagram!

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