Tuesday, 6 August 2013


JAY Z "Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film." Directed by Mark Romanek.

Thanks westonp80 youtube user for almost reading my mind and almost writing the post for me (with my little parenthetical comments):
'Interesting and somewhat original, but by no means "art" (sort of)...More like street performance brought into an art gallery. Or Jay Z's attempt to rub elbows with the "mainstream affluent." to broaden his fan base. (Sorry westonp80, but mainstream? he's surrounded by bloody artists). It's nowhere close to the greats like Picasso (true, they rap in different areas. plus he mentions 'a modern day picasso')...and I hope people don't confuse it that way. I love Jay Z as a rapper (Oh, we love him even more!), but have not really been impressed with his attempts to evolve (I see it more like a midlife crisis or attempt to do something different). It's as if Picasso/Matisse/van Gogh tried to rap battle against Eminem in 8 mile (amusing - I'm pretty sure Picasso, Matisse & van Gogh crew would have won).'

He's no Picasso, but he's definitely our beloved #1 rapper!

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