Tuesday, 16 April 2013


If you're wondering why Messrs Zac and Jordan Stenmark look so at home in these images, it's probably because they are. The 21-year-old twins, who are currently taking the modelling world by storm, were born and raised in Sydney, Australia, only a short drive from the picturesque shores and headlands of the Northern Beaches. The stretch of coastline is their stomping ground, the scene of many an idyllic summer spent at the family's holiday home in Palm Beach, and this is far from their first time at sea. "Our teachers had us in a boat learning to sail in primary school," says Jordan, "and Zac's girlfriend's dad had a boat, too - it's always been a way of life. We've grown up around the ocean''

Sailing might come as second nature to the twins, but sport - Australian Rules football, in particular - is their first passion, and that was the direction they were pursuing, playing semi-professionally with Greater Western Sydney, when their modelling careers started to take off. Coaches, family and friends urged them to give it a go. "We were happy to put the sport on hold for a while," explain the twins. "And our family has been really supportive; they appreciate that not everyone gets this opportunity to grow and travel the world." Their family would certainly know - the twins' parents both had modelling careers. Clearly, in the Stenmark household, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

The brothers are currently based in New York, and although it's a long way from Sydney, they try to organise a return trip every three or four months. "We're very family-oriented," they explain, citing family activities - of the sporting variety, of course - as central to a relaxed weekend at home.


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