Friday, 12 April 2013


"When I'm back from tour, I'll call up Wu over at Shamrock. It's on Sunset, it's the perfect tattoo shop," says Mr Rutherford - the driving force behind new LA band The Neighbourhood, and latest star of our "Saturday" film series. Shot on a rare day off, we accompany the 21-year-old in his beloved town of Newbury Park, California, where he grew up and currently resides. Mr Rutherford, who created a track exclusively for our video, takes time out to get a new tattoo, go on a drive, and hang out with friends. A musician influenced by hip-hop, he formed his band in August 2011 and soon penned a deal with Columbia Records. "I found the one thing that I had that worked, and I was content with getting better," he says. "When I'm performing I think it's the only time in life I find complete peace." Watch MR PORTER's video below to find out more!

The Neighbourhood's debut album I Love You is out 22 April. 

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