Monday, 31 December 2012


So I guess this is the last post of 2012. Thank you all for reading, not reading, watching, not watching, enjoying or not fashionspam (we move on nevertheless). The end of the world did not come in the end as we expected, so we can enjoy one more time Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's Concert. And hopefully in 2013 I will be lucky enough to get at least 1 ticket for myselft, for the 1st of January 2014 concert. (maybe I can pull some strings after writing this article)

So drink responsibly tonight, take a coldish shower in the morning, black coffee, turn the stereo on, and enjoy world's favourite concert, music and orchestra in the entire world (or at least my favourites)!

TUESDAY, 1ST OF JANUARY 2013 LIVE ON: BBC 2 tomorrow at 11:15 (UK), TVR1, TVR HD and  TVR+Online  at 12:15 (ROMANIA), TVE, RNE, RTVE.ES at 11:15 (SPAIN)
Double check the hours please, I don't want you to miss it because of fashionspam!

Oh and it's presented by my dream watch brand, ROLEX!

If you ain't got a clue of what I've been talking about above, just click here! 
or check the trailers below

''Everybody, the whole world, LOVE this music!''

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