Sunday, 28 October 2012


The co-founder of leading style blog Street Etiquette, Mr Joshua Kissi, on how he makes his sartorial choices. 

Hailing from the Bronx, New York City, 23-year-old Mr Joshua Kissi is one half of the wildly successful style blog Street Etiquette, which he founded in partnership with Mr Travis Gumbs in 2008. On the website the duo document their unique vision of urban menswear to a daily audience of more than 20,000 readers, many of whom are directly inspired by their way of dressing. Prestigious publications including The New York Times and GQ have taken note as well, showering the site with accolades. Asked to describe the style sensibility that has made him a leading authority in contemporary menswear, Mr Kissi replies, "It's sometimes Afro-dandyism, sometimes mod, sometimes punk, with a touch of prep, a touch of Americana, and a touch of urban." And the final part of the formula? Rolled-up trousers. "I roll up everything, unless it's tuxedo trousers or something more formal," Mr Kissi laughs. Discover more of his views on style and dressing by watching the film below.

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