Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Having spent the past 10 years hopping between guest TV appearances and cantankerous but likable leading roles in low-budget indie flicks, the 32-year-old Texas native (real name John, but he's gone by Scooter, or Scoot, for as long as he can remember) now has four films lined up with four high-profile directors - who all share a taste for moody cinematography and gritty realism, as well as a knack for making cantankerous but likeable renegades look good on camera. First he plays an amateur thief set upon by Mr Brad Pitt's notorious hit man in Mr Andrew Dominick's Killing Them Softly; then a US foreign service worker trying to escape from 1979 revolutionary Iran in Mr Ben Affleck's Argo; then a slippery circus hand in Mr Steve McQueen's 19th-century Shame follow-up, Twelve Years a Slave (also with Mr Pitt); and finally, a role in Mr Gus Van Sant's touted Oscar winner Promised Land, next to Mr Matt Damon and Mr John Krasinski.

"I always knew I never wanted to stay [in LA]," Mr McNairy says. "And having met my wife she was of the same mind-set... We really wanted a house in the middle of nowhere, where we can be as loud as we like and shoot guns." 

Did he get his wish? 

"Well, picture this," he says. "You wake up in the morning, brew a nice cup of coffee, walk out onto the back porch and just start firing off firearms in your boxers."


"It's my personality," he says. "If I'm going to do something, I want to do it to a T."

Killing Them Softly is out now in the UK, 11 October in Australia and Hong Kong and 30 November in the US
Argo is out on 12 October in the US and 7 November in the UK

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