Sunday, 7 October 2012


The Way I Dress: Mr Nick Sullivan, the fashion director of US Esquire!
Born in Dorset, UK, but now based in New York City, Mr Sullivan is renowned for his impeccable sense of style, so MR PORTER  jumped at the chance to film him in his Brooklyn townhouse talking us through his approach to dressing. "I think I probably picked up a few things about style from my dad, and I'm slightly inspired in a way by photographs of him from before I was even born." Mr Sullivan says. Although he collects Edwardian clothing, and his look errs on the classic side, with a foundation in flawless tailoring, Mr Sullivan is not one to discount the importance of fashion in favour of style: "To me the difference between style and fashion is less important than what they add to each other." he says. Discover more of his views on style by watching the film below.

I think my first awareness of..I didn't know it was called fashion, but of clothes if you like, was jeans. I wanted a pair of Levi's, because that's what other kids had..

'I realised the difference between things that look right and things that are right.
You kinda want them to be right before you want everyone else to know what they are!'

I have a very short list of 'don'ts and I probably add one every five years. 

'No hoodies, No black, No tie clips..Definitely tie clips, but it's the people who like tie clips that I don't like, Hats'

But the truth is that style doesn't really stay the same even if people think it does.

Style, if you look at movies through the years, is evolved..And it doesn't evolve without some input from fahsion..but similarly fashion doesn't really mean anything unless it got some basis behind it, which is how a jacket should be made, how a trouser should be cut, and you can play with them all you like, but still the best, most revolutionary fashion designers are the ones who know how to make a SUIT!

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