Sunday, 22 July 2012


This is how my Spanish holiday goes so far, from one 'village' to another
 from one medieval festival to another, from one 'fiesta' to another..
The only good part is: I love it! I don't think I know about Romanian 
traditional dances not even half of what I know now about the Spanish ones.
And I'm not proud of it, but try going to a folklore festival in Romania,
filled with teenagers, drinking on the street, joy&happiness..A WHAT?! 
my Romanian 'readers' will exclaim!!! Yeap, this is how things go on 
around here..Lot of culture, tradition, folklore, most of it organised 
by teenagers! And this is how their tradition will last! Congrats!
Anyway I had a brilliant week, and apparently there is another one
(or two) to come, full of cultural activities, concerts, medieval battles,
archery workshops, feasts, booze and most important family&sun!
(I don't get to see them much the rest of the year)
Banda Simfònica Unió Musical de Benaguasil
 Director: José Javier Guna Vilar
This was a little getaway from my regular 'fashion' posts..
Don't take it personally, I wrote it for me, not for you..
For you though, in about 2-3 weeks I will be cruising around
Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and whatever other Costas Spain has
to offer, with nice shots, pretty boats, boobs and exquisite outfits!
Have a nice Sunday!

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