Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Wear a Beanie With Your Suit
When the temperature drops down, you're gonna need to protect your ears against the element. A wool watch cap's been doing that for centuries. Throw one on with your best suit for a high-meets-low look that works. If you want to up the luxe factor, consider getting a cashmere beanie. The important thing to remember is that no droopy toques are allowed—leave that look to Southern California.

Wear Tailored Trousers Like a Pair of Jeans
Proper trousers instantly elevate even the most casual rig. Here, a pair is worn with a camouflage chore coat, a crewneck sweatshirt, and a chunky pair of shoes. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to skip the suit and just wear the pants. Fabrics like flannel and tweed are especially appropriate during the winter months, and will keep your legs as warm as a hardy pair of raw denim.

Your Trousers? Cuff 'Em!
Whenever you throw on a pair of pants in heavier fabrics like wool and tweed, a nice two-inch cuff is what separates the boys from the men. It also helps the trousers cut a nice silhouette, which has the added benefit of showing off the awesome shoes you're wearing.

Make Your Winter Topcoat a Double
You might think your single-breasted winter coat is fine, and sure, it does its job, but if you want the outerwear equivalent of a power suit, it's the double-breasted topcoat. Whether it makes a statement with the texture like the one of the left or has a slick peak lapel like the one in the center, consider it the top layer of any confident man's wardrobe. Double-breasted topcoat, double-breasted suit, and double monk shoes? That's what we'd call a triple-double.


Wax On, Not Off
Whether you found grandpa's old Barbour jacket or saved up and bought a Belstaff Trailmaster because of Steve McQueen, the waxed canvas coat isn't just for wearing with your casual rigs. We really dig how this man threw a well-patinaed jacket over a plaid sport coat. The white pants and dark brown suede shoes give the entire look that Italian "sprezzatura" most Pitti Uomo attendees try to achieve.

Mix Patterns Like a Pro
How come the dude on the right can pull off wearing a plaid suit with a patterned topcoat? Take note of the visible difference in the size of the checks. Balance out a micro-pattern with a larger, bolder plaid. Then anchor it all by keeping everything else solid—the shirt, tie, and shoes. A great haircut is just the icing on the cake.

Give Your Suit Snorkel Lessons
It's a winter style tip we can't stress enough: wear a parka over a suit. Try it, you'll like it! There's no reason you can't take full advantage of the tech fabrics and warmth-inducing fibers present in snorkel jackets and other goose down parkas. All you have to do is literally throw it on like you would a topcoat. Hey, if it worked for mod rockers circa The Who's Quadrophenia, it can definitely look good on you.

Throw On a Pair of Fingerless Gloves
In the age of smartphones, it's important to always have your digits ready. While there are gloves that offer a balance of tech access and protection against the cold, there's nothing wrong with simply throw
ing on a pair of fingerless gloves. Plus, they look kind of badass.

Give Your Suit Some Down Time 
Down outerwear is a great way to add some extra insulation to your best suit without compromising the fit. A down vest over a jacket with a great, complementing scarf is an advanced layering move more men should try out. Think of it as Neapolitan style meets a hint of Alpinist. A business meeting in the Alps? That actually sounds awesome.

Wear More Brown and Blue Together
We already told you about the wonders of blue shirts and brown ties, but it doesn't stop there. We're already seeing a lot of brown outerwear crop up in fall 2014 collections from London, and they look especially good when paired with all sorts of blues. Start out incorporating it into your shirt and tie game, and if you like it, step it up with a coat in a rich brown shade. Of course, your footwear's gotta be brown, too.

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