Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Produced by John Frusciante.

Black Knights members Rugged Monk and Crisis reportedly met Frusciante by chance through mutual acquaintance RZA. This led to a creative collaboration between Frusciante and Rugged Monk, and once Crisis came on board, the project turned into a full-length Black Knights LP.

This is Frusciante's first foray into rap production, although there has been a distinct hip-hop undercurrent to some of the sampled beats in his recent solo work. 

"The great freedom I've found in doing hip-hop is that as long as the beat is hard and something that rappers will respond to creatively, the music can be literally any style of music you want," he said in a statement. "On any given song I can end up chopping up classic music or rock music or melodies based in free jazz ideas. I've felt more free doing this album than I have doing anything else."

1. Drawbridge 0:00 
2. The Joust 4:16
3. Medieval Times 7:58
4. Trickfingers Playhouse 11:58
5. Sword In Stone 16:01
6. Knighthood 20:01
7. deja vu 23:23
8. Roundtable 27:32
9. Keys To The Chastity Belt 30:55
10. Camelot 34:27

11. Never Let Go (bonus track) 38:19
12. Wayne Remix (bonus track) 42:44
13. Liquid Sky (free download) 47:20
14. Roundtable Discussion (free download) 51:23

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