Thursday, 2 January 2014


The interior is simple and plain, like the food. It all feels very sincere, like the employees!

And when you come to think that the Swedes have a true tradition of Fika (coffee break), and the Nordic people in general drink the largest number of coffee you will understand that the coffee served is of that quality that you do want to wait for and sit down quietly and enjoy, not to mention the smell of the now well known cinnamon buns!

The café design is done by Bert Rozeman, with furniture pieces of Alvar Aalto an Ilmari Tapiovaara amongst others.

And then, for some really good news: A cookbook was just published so that you can continue eating these wonderful foods after the Bakery itself has closed its doors for the day.

Best coffee I had in the UK so far (so far as in 6 years!)

Nordic Bakery 
14A Golden Square W1F 9JG 
Tel: 020 3230 1077 
Open: 8am-8pm Mon-Fri; 9am-7pm Sat; 11am-6pm Sun (check before setting out).


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