Wednesday, 31 July 2013


It should come as little surprise to learn that Slowear hails from Italy, the country that brought us the slow food movement. The clue is in the name: just as slow food was conceived as a reaction to fast-food culture, so Slowear offers an alternative philosophy to fast fashion. As the company's CEO Mr Roberto Compagno puts it: "Whatever is produced within the Slowear umbrella is produced and created to survive trends, and to survive time."

Slowear was founded in 1951 by Mr Roberto Compagno's father, Carlo, and is based in Mira, on the outskirts of Venice. The historic Riviera del Brenta runs through this area, a 16th-century canal lined with old summer houses built by the Venetian aristocracy. Mr Compagno considers this environment, rich with heritage and nature, to be central to the company's values, believing that it provides "a stimulus to be calm, to be slow, and to free the mind to create innovation." 

Slowear comprises of four specialist labels, each responsible for a component of the male wardrobe: Incotex for chinos, Zanone for knitwear, Glanshirt for shirts and Montedoro for jackets. The modular nature of the company ensures expertise in each area, while the Slowear name ensures a universal quality and timeless style. 

MR PORTER is the brand's official online retailer. They  travelled to Mira to talk to Mr Compagno, and to find out what makes Slowear so unique. Watch the video, below, to find out more. 

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