Sunday, 11 November 2012


Based in Stockholm, Mr Pontus Björkman, 40, is the head of brand development at Acne. Indeed, he has worked at this Scandinavian design powerhouse since 1997, just one year after it was founded, and is affectionately known as "employee No.3" within the company. This means that he has witnessed first hand how Swedish style has won over the world in the years since Acne began with nothing more than a few pairs of jeans. When it comes to his personal style, Mr Björkman's main rule is to dress his age: "I have a problem with people who don't dress their age," he says. Favouring a sleek look, composed of high-quality jeans and T-shirts (both specialities at Acne), Mr Björkman also emphasises the importance of good footwear: "I think you really need to wear good-looking shoes!" he says, "not necessarily brogues or something like that... they could be sneakers, but they need to be nice sneakers." Discover more of his views on style by watching the film below.

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