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Best New Menswear Designers in America 2012
Exclusive First Look of their collections, coming soon!

Ovadia & Sons
Founded: 2010
Designers: Ariel and Shimon Ovadia
The Vibe: The brothers Ovadia are Brooklyn twins with a penchant for high-end suiting and all the trappings that come with it.
Inspiration: "Black-and-white photos, because you don't get texture and colors. We saw one of Hemingway skiing and made the Nordic sweater we imagined he was wearing.

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam
Founded: 2008
Résumé: Current creative director at Woolrich Woolen Mills; previous design director at J.Press.
The Vibe: McNairy kick-started his line by injecting color into a staid pair of bucks. By the time he got to pants and shirts, he'd found a formula: Take something basic and shake all the boring out of it. (Sometimes that means zebra prints and digital camo.)
Inspirations: "I draw from all of American sportswear— military, workwear, athletic. And then I mishmash it together. I have to stay within a framework with Woolrich, but I just make stuff I want to make with my own line."
How to Wear Zebra-Print Shorts: "Wear the same thing you'd wear with a pair of khaki shorts."


Ian Velardi
Founded: 2010
Vibe: Velardi's relaxed take on tailoring has democratized the genre: Think double-breasted jackets...with a bucket hat. He meshes high/low and uptown/downtown all at once.
My Drive: "Formula One has influenced me since I was a kid. It was once very romantic—a high-end sport."
Work Ethic: "I have no employees. I do the design, I do the sales, I do the marketing, the merchandising. I handle all of the logistics. I pack everything and ship it myself

Todd Snyder
Founded: 2011
The Vibe: A vet of Polo and J.Crew, Snyder makes clothes for the guy who wears a jacket and tie because he wants to.
Motivation: "In high school I was voted best dressed. I couldn't play guitar, but I would get attention from girls for my style."
Early Days: "When I moved to New York twenty years ago, I made my own shirts. My wife made fun of me because I'd watch football and sew. That's how I cut my teeth.

Saturdays NYC
Founded: 2009
Designers: Colin Tunstall, Josh Rosen, Morgan CollettThe Vibe: Small-collar dress shirts, trim khakis, and color-blocked board shorts for surfers in a concrete jungle.
The Name: "It was the first name that came up. The next day, Colin created a logo."
Inspiration: "Surfers in the '60s thought out their style. The guys in The Endless Summer got out of the water and combed their hair."

Founded: 2010
Designer: Johan Lindeberg
The Vibe: New way-downtown aesthetic from the former J.Lindeberg man. Think black jeans with a tux jacket.
Inception: "When I separated from my wife in 2010, I took the energy from that breakup and created something new."Fan Base: Thom Yorke, Michael Stipe

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