Saturday, 11 August 2012


Man, I don't even know how to start this..Probably as they would say 'DOPE!'..

Their genuine concept *at least that's what I think/know/hope*, their eye-catching designs *eye-catching as in 'why the fck 
didn't I think about that before them*, their amazing evolution *that my malicious envy did not want to admit for a while haha*..


Any fkcin normal, sane and decent person would appreciate their work! (and trust me, it has nothing to do with fixies *fixed-gear bikes*, skates and so on..last time I rode a bike it was probably 100 years ago..or maybe my 4-5 years as an almost pro blader *inline skater* have left a mark! but no, their stuff..really make a difference!)

I wanted to write this was few weeks ago when I heard they were launching a new collection. The plan was to ask one of the guys about it and bla bla to write in here..But, since I try to keep myself away from any social media, and since I don't live in UK anymore, it's quite hard to get in touch with anyone..So I will just 'borrow' some info about their collection from (really cool place btw! *I usually check it for the latest NEW BALANCE and HERSCHEL stuff):

"Funkyst have now released their full Summer 2012 collection, consisting of graphic tee's, headwear and a 3/4 length ranglan tee."
"Well thought-out designs, keeping in with their cycling influenced ethos really cement Funkyst as a proper brand who have every intention of hanging around for the future."
"The brand teamed up with videographer Joe Marshall to produce a great short promotional video to highlight the concept behind the main tee in the collection, dubbed The Dark Ride, which can be seen below." *you can watch it below*

I also had the pleasure to meet one of the guys *or maybe both of them, I don't even know* behind Funkyst and sort of work with them. I took some shots of their previous collection *by that time I had no idea who they were and what was I doing there. My first thought was 'Oh, this new 'fixie trend'..few nice t-shirts, some stickers, they will probably be done in few months' and then, an overnight surprise, people wearing funkyst on the streets! and then again, BOOM! new collection!*

I am beyond impressed with their collection & progress *when I saw their strapbacks..all my 'envy' turned into admiration* and soon enough I realllly hope to see a FULL FUNKYST COLLECTION, from head to toes! Don't know if that's their plan, or if they want that (but to be honest, as much as a 'hipster' one can be, who wouldn't want a full collection?) And I'm pretty sure they would/will succeed!

So, Funkyst, you have all fashiospam's respect and admiration! We look forward for some dope! F/W hoodies, bobble hats & more, and we promise to buy some stuff when we'll pass by Coventry again (probably in Nov)!

Check out their short promo video!

Check out the 'outfits' at the launching party!
Oh, we wish we were there!

Two of the shots I took for them last year..

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