Wednesday, 20 July 2011 | #visitromania!

And the Romanian Seaside wasn't that bad in the end..Although my expectations were lower than Netherlands's sea level, my little weekend getaway was sweet & refreshing. I/We spent the weekend in Mamaia, a resort next to Constanta, a piece of land between The Black Sea (which unfortunately was more of a green sea, because of the high temperatures and the seaweed. However I will do my best not to mention any negative aspects of my beloved country in this post, maybe in another one) and Siutghiol Lake.

Mamaia is mainly private beaches, hotels, luxury cars, clubs and terraces, a cable car, some little shops and a water park. However we found a very nice little (private of course) beach , called Kazeboo and described suggestively And QUIET was the key word! (take a look KAZEBOO). You can do some water sports, have some (quite strong and not that good) mojitos and (as far as I remember) the lounge/chillout music was pretty good (*music is one of my biggest problem every time I come home..don't know if it's good or not..but certainly not my type)..So that was the beach.


The second day was not that good, as we went to an 'after hours' kind of beach, with reaaalllly loud techno/electro/minimal/whatever music and I just wanted to sleep. (So I will skip).

Saturday Night was all about Mamaia, Office Lounge (don't really know why they call it 'lounge' when it's just a night club with quite bad & loud music..but..maybe because of the cheap sofas!?) Nevermind. The place looks really good, is next to the sea, so you can go out and cool in the water whenever you feel you're too hot (and I think most of the people there should have done that :)) Sorry I just can't help it. Despite my friends, who of course are MY friends, I hope I will never have to see people like that again in my life)..So it's all about the people. With some quality friends, you can have a great time there. Not to mention the party ended at 6 in the morning, when the sun was just waking up! I think there are more things to say but sorry, that's all I remember right now. My advice..?! VISIT ROMANIA! (I mean it. This place is unique in every aspect) I hope I bored you! Now I'll try to find some nice pics and a cool song, so maybe one day you will read my blog again! love.

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my expectations were lower than Netherlands's sea level ce rau esti :))