Friday, 15 July 2011

end of internship. | #thanksELLE

As they say (don't know who exactly, but I'm sure someone said): 'every ending is a new beginning'. My amazing internship at ELLE magazine just ended. It was great, probably the most productive weeks spent in Romania in my entire life. I enjoyed every minute of this internship and I would like to thank everyone there for their help, for this opportunity and for making my stay so pleasant. Great team! And yea, another dream come true. Good Luck Guys! Love! Maybe one day I'll come back! (whoooo knoooows?!)
And that was the end. Now, the new beginning doesn't sound bad at all either! I am back on holiday,  back to the seaside, and Summer is still here! Also, I'm back on FASHIONSPAM! 

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