Wednesday, 27 August 2014


"Most Anticipated Art Book Releases of 2014 This book, which features large-format photographs of skaters in Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach, captures the LA skateboarding scene, style, and street culture through the eyes of the world's most elite communities of skaters. Photographed by Francesco Ragazzi, "Palm Angels" takes the reader inside skate culture. Because of Ragazzi's artistic eye, the book is less focused on analyzing tricks and more about conveying the sensation of the men and women that engage in the dangerous, yet endlessly entertaining activity. "Palm Angels" includes an introduction by Pharrell Williams, who has become an icon in skate style." - Complex Magazine

Francesco Ragazzi is the Italian art director of Moncler. Pharrell Williams..well, you all know him.

Out 2 Sep 2014!

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