Saturday, 5 April 2014


Nicola Formichetti presented his first collection for Diesel at the Arsenale in Venice. The show and the collection were built upon three of the timeless ‘Diesel Icons’: Leather-Rock ‘n’ Roll, Denim and Military-Utility. These three pillars are intrinsic to Diesel and are a part of the foundations of the brand today. They also structure the proceedings of the event, moving from the multiplicity of black and red leather looks of the first section, to the new innovations and experiments in denim of the second, to the military meets street-style of the third section. Each encompasses a view of the past and a route to the future for Diesel. Capturing the youthful spirit of the brand and its distinct take of ‘Italiano-Americana’, as well as a nod to late nineties London nightlife, it is the global language of ‘alternative style’ that is explored in the show, both inspired by and inspiring for Diesel.


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