Thursday, 26 September 2013


Family Secret (2001). After the director's mother receives a letter from Romania saying: "I'm looking for the trace of Dr. Ionel Florian Rapaport family.", American filmmaker Pola Rapaport discovers her unknown Romanian half-brother, Pierre. Pierre is the family secret that their father carried with him to the grave. The letter from Romania inspires her to take a trip halfway around the world to meet the brother that she never knew she had, and together to investigate their family's secret past, in Paris, New York and Bucharest. 

Can't really recommend it yet, because I found it last night and didn't watch it yet. But it definitely sounds like an interesting documentary. Plus, the father was from Buzau, my hometown!

Winner, Best Documentary of the Year, Societe civile des auteurs multimedia.

“Breaks your heart but at the same time it puts our hearts in communication with one another, in a very human, meaningful way. -- Albert Maysles, director of Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens

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