Thursday, 20 June 2013


In MR PORTER's new video series, Road Test, they showcase some of the world's most eye-catching cars. To put them through their paces, MR PORTER has enlisted the help of racing driver and TV producer Mr David Green. In their first film, the British Motor Sports Association GT Endurance Champion takes the Dutch-manufactured Spyker C8 Aileron for a spin. "Although relatively unknown, Spyker has been around for more than 100 years. Having moved into aircraft production during WWI, its aviation heritage can be seen in the design," he says. "An old company given new life, the C8 Aileron has a handcrafted feel, especially the interior, but it is a pure, modern supercar." The car's proportions incorporate the likes of a jet engine-inspired air intake and a general nod to classic car design. Despite not being designed to challenge the record-breaking speeds of Lamborghini et al., the Aileron celebrates the raw thrill of driving and is aimed at a more discerning owner. "It was great to shoot the car in an urban environment - it's not all about gears and noise... As much as the racing, I love the design and the beauty," Mr Green says. 

The C8 Aileron may present an obscure option to supercar enthusiasts, but, asked about what type of man would drive one, Mr Green suggests someone "who has a good knowledge of cars, yet doesn't want to conform. It's an individualistic choice that's still subtle." With Spyker's motto being Nulla tenaci invia est via (in Latin meaning "For the tenacious, no road is impassable"), it's almost challenging us to take one out for a drive. Watch the video, below, to see the Aileron in action, and check out its vital statistics. And if you like what Mr Green is wearing, click here for details. MR PORTER guarantees his outfit costs a whole lot less than the car!


Film by Mr Rohan Blair-Mangat Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Features Writer, MR PORTER

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