Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Life's incessant juggling act is rarely executed without the odd hitch. Where career opportunities flourish, relationships sometimes suffer. Similarly, when family becomes a priority, finances inevitably require more of your attention. In any such scenario, the ability to practice any kind of mental, physical or emotional maintenance tends to fall by the wayside. With this in mind, we've compiled the following simple pointers to help you regain the looks, vigour and vitality of youth without sacrificing any priorities.

Believe me, if someone was 'against' the idea of meditation, that was definitely me (because I knew I would get distracted, bored or whatsoever). However, today, after finding out about headspace (Website, iOS & Android app) I decided to give it a try (mainly because of their 'take 10' free lessons and because I had nothing better to do). There's no point in trying to explain my experience (the most amazing thing was that it actually worked), but the minute I finished the first lesson I decided to buy my monthly plan. Just give it a try, you have 10 free lessons and it takes about half a minute to create your account!


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