Saturday, 16 February 2013


When it comes to cinema, Mr Elijah Wood, 32, is a card-carrying internationalist. "Predominantly, the movies that I love the most these days are being made in Europe or Mexico or Asia," he tells MR PORTER over coffee, on a clinically bright Los Angeles morning. "A fair amount of incredible film-makers have come out of Spain in the past five to 10 years. I just worked with two Spanish film-makers on their English-language debuts [Mr Eugenio Mira, Grand Piano; and Mr Nacho Vigalondo, Open Windows]. And I was recently in Japan, talking to some film buyers there. There are some incredible film-makers in Japan too."

'I think everybody has a costume - I'm pretty simple. I just like things that are relatively classic and timeless'

Speaking of his current involvement in a movie from that most visceral and controversial of sub-genres - gore - he says, "The thing about this particular Maniac is that it's a stylised version of the original." He plays the mother-fixated psycho in a remake of the 1980 grindhouse landmark. The new Maniac is directed by Mr Franck Khalfoun, who rings the changes by making explicit an admiration of Italian giallo legend Mr Dario Argento - one of splatter cinema's most revered stylists - and shoots the entire movie from the killer's point of view.


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