Saturday, 15 September 2012


Katie 'The actress turned designer' Holmes and Christopher 'I would love to be Manolo Blahnik' Ciccone aka Madonna's little brother, made their fashion debut this season!

Katie Holmes made quiet a debut! Along with and Jeanne Yang, they showed their Holmes & Yang label for the first time at New York Fashion Week.

Under the media glare which accompanied her recent divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes made a surprisingly demure debut at New York Fashion Week. Opting for a close-up presentation of just 14 oufits instead of a catwalk show, the actress was on hand to talk journalists through her collection for Holmes & Yang. It was range which, both in style and given the context, suggested caution from the actress turned designer.

Leather bomber jackets, blazers and camisoles were all teamed with Manolo Blahnik (why not Christopher Ciccone, he loves him anyway!?) heels, the same shoe that Holmes' friend Victoria Beckham opted for in her collection this week.

Madonna's little brother, Christopher Ciccone, introduces 'The Ciccone Collection' his debut into the world of rubbery footwear at London Fashion Week.In collaboration with a rubber maker in Slovakia, who approached Ciccone in March, he has created 36 styles for women, men and children.

"Art, then form and then function" inspire the creative direction of his wellies, pool slides and flat lace-ups. ''I started this whole process by emptying my closet and just looking at shoes from a whole different perspective," Ciccone told The Telegraph, "how are they made, why did I buy them, how much were they; I never really looked at shoes like that before."

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