Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Do you know that feeling, when you see a sharp, neat, elegant, bla bla perfect looking man, in a great suit, with an exquisite shirt & tie? And then (unfortunately) you start scanning him from head to toes (at least that's what I do)..and then..SURPRISE (and a verrryy unpleasant one!)..you see these horrible, disgusting, beastly, repulsive, dreadful, offensive, awful side lace brownish shoes? (sorry, I just can't upload such a picture but, click here if you don't have a clue of what I'm talking about

I would really like to know why some people just love to mock themselves!?

Anyway, I started writing this post aiming to show you how these amazing Grenson shoes are made..And then IT INSTANTLY CAME BACK!..a man I saw yesterday..after that, all the above conspiracy..If HE will ever read this (or something similar), I really hope he will do something about it!..(And by the way, he was wearing this perfect *hugo boss I believe* black suit, perfect white shirt with widespread collars, black tie..and shoes, ohhh the shoes again :( 98% similar to the ones above!..now just try to picture that!)

Sorry for that, I'll leave you with this beautiful Grenson video!

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